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Dry goods: CTSL provides single or expedited team shipping of general freight dry goods, whether truckload or LTL. We place as much emphasis on attention to detail and proper handling in the shipment of your dry goods as we do when we’re shipping your more delicate items, like pharmaceuticals or fresh produce. No matter the nature of the shipment, its origin or its destination… our goal is to make sure it’s delivered safely and efficiently.

Our extensive fleet paired with our expert Drivers gets your shipments where they need to go, as promised! Shipping and storing your dry goods is one of our specialties. We have the assets and the partner network to match your shipping costs and delivery schedules to a Tee, Truckload or LTL.

Dry Freight: Need to move your dry freight anywhere across New Zealand? CTSL has you covered. Our trucking services are available throughout NZ and lending you greater access to move dry goods across more destinations. Dry freight shipping is the most common transport method for moving goods or equipment that do not require temperature-controlled settings. This shipping category can be classified by any one of the following:

  • Non-Perishable Food Items
  • Textiles
  • Retail Clothing
  • Paper & Plastic Products

No matter what type of dry freight delivery you require, Central Transport System has the right equipment to move any size load across New Zealand. For more information about our dry trucking services, call and speak to a member of our friendly office at…or click here to request a free quote.

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About CTSL

A logistic and Transport provider, Central Transport System is proudly NZ owned and operated business in Auckland. CTSL operates as domestic and Freight forwarding business throughout NZ, asset-based trucking company specializing in the transportation of dry goods. We provide trusted, single source cross border, local and domestic truckload, logistics and short and long term...

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  • On Time Delivery
  • Safe Transportation
  • Customer Support
  • Accurate Parcel Tracking


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Freight Expertise

CTSL provides single or expedited team shipping of general freight dry goods, whether truckload or LTL.We place as...

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